Oliver Light, Oliver Bright!

Ever noticed how dark and stark Oliver is at night? Yes, street lights play a role in how dark and stark, or light and bright a community looks and feel, but porch lights play an enormous role as well.  As residents, we can play a crucial role in how bright our community is, just by the flip of a switch.

When residents choose to keep their porch lights on at night, you would be surprised what a huge impact this can have on the community as a whole. With the availability of CFL bulbs, it is extremely affordable to keep your lights on at night, every night!  Additionally, “Dusk to Dawn” lights come on automatically when it gets dark, and goes off at dawn, when it gets light outside, so you never have to remember to turn the lights on or off!  Just flip the switch (on), and forget it!

That’s why we have created the Oliver Light, Oliver Bright campaign. This campaign is asking Oliver residents to participate, and to help Brighten and Lighten up Oliver! If you have a porch light fixture, we are asking that you:

  1. “screw in” a Dusk to Dawn light,
  2. turn your switch on
  3. leave it in the on position, and forget it!

You can also take the pledge to help keep Oliver Light and Bright, by promising to keep your porch lights on, from dusk ’til dawn. Fill out the form below if you’d like for someone to contact you regarding a “free” bulb.

We have a few bulbs that we will be giving away, only in some selected and targeted blocks, courtesy of the Oliver Community Association (OCA). For these bulbs, you are required to take the pledge and must pledge to keep your light on for at least (1) one year. If you don’t need a “free” bulb but would like to take the pledge anyway. Click here: Online Pledge to take the online pledge! Be entered to win in our recurrent contests, for taking the pledge!

**You can find these LED or CFL bulbs on-line at Home Depot, Walmart, or on Amazon.com. Be sure to search for “Dusk ’til Dawn” lights. Also, we will have some on hand for purchase, if you are interested.

If you have other suggestions of how Oliver can “get lit”, and be light and bright, let us know! Leave your question or comment in the form below.

Let’s get lit, Oliver!

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