Bethel Street Playscape Re-Vision Project

With the help and support of The 6th Branch (T6B), and Blue Water Baltimore (BWB), Oliver Beautification Alliance (OBA) has secured a grant from the Baltimore Community Foundation (BCF) to re-Vision the Bethel Street Playscape, located in the 1500 block of North Bethel Street. Additionally, T6B and BWB have also secured funding for the Playscape.

After getting feedback and hearing concerns from the residents that border the Playscape, these grants will enable the purchase of additional lighting, garden ornaments, and benches in and around the Playscape to create a space where residents of all ages can enjoy, and utilize. In this space, the community will be able to use it as a space to take walks, people watch, for kids to play, and for outdoor movies and community events. One of the events that is scheduled to take place is a 3rd Fridays Summer Outdoor Movie Series, starting in June, funded by MECU through BOPA.

Additionally, the goal is to add some seating areas that will encourage communal gatherings of friends and neighbors, a social place for interactions. We will implement changes to see what works, and what doesn’t. It will be an evolving space that will fit the communities needs and wants. Currently, there is an existing stage that will be enlarged Seating_FirePitin order to have small performances. With this project, movie posts will be installed in order to accommodate our outdoor movie nights.

On Friday, April 20, 2018, 9 am -3 pm, Home Depot will be assisting with the first part of the installation of the framework for the space, such as adding some of the benches and laying the foundation for other amenities in the space. Would you like to help? We need volunteers. Would you like to be on our activities/event team? Let us know!

We will soon announce a walk-through/tour of the space to get additional feedback, but in the meantime, visit the space anytime at 1500 N. Bethel Street, and drop us a line! We will be posting the progress!

Tell us what you would like to see at the Playscape!











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